You have made the best decision of your life today. Our team is celebrating this new chapter with you. By sincerely choosing to accept God’s offer of love, grace, and forgiveness, you have become a member of His family. He will walk with you through this life offering hope, healing, peace, encouragement, and wisdom. You can also rest assured that you are truly forgiven and that there is a place for you beyond this world.

​We know that this is a very exciting new part of your journey but you may be wondering what to do next. To help you take the right next steps in your faith, we are offering a video series called Hope Connection.​

After subscribing, we will send you a text message once per day for the next 7 days with a link to a video. In each of these videos, we will introduce you to some people just like you who are learning to grow in their faith. These stories will encourage and inspire you as you begin to grow closer to God.

After the 7 days, we will send you 2 messages per month with media that will be encouraging, enlightening, and help with issues you face every day.​

To get started, check out the video below then fill out the form and you will be sent the first in the series. If you change your mind, simply reply with STOP.